About Michaela`s Sculptures

"Her work can be seen almost somewhat of primitive, yet it compromises a stillness that gives all of the sculptures a quiet powerful dignity. Cordes` work can be seen as bringing the essence of prehistoric artefacts into 21st century" .

Michaela`s  refusal to use any electrical tools to make the process of stone carving easier leaves us with a sculpture which has a primitive, earthy somewhat medieval quality. Michaela works purely intuitively when she starts a carving and just lets her imagination do the work. She believes that it is her subconscious that leads to her unique carving style.  

Journeys and voluntary work in Uganda, Ruanda, Kenya and other African countries as well as living in Cyprus and visiting many ancient places gave her a deep insight into old beliefs and the depiction of stone. Her work was shown in numerous international exhibitions. This year Michaela will show her sculptures at the New Artist Fair in London (September, please check events).