About Michaela`s Work

My art work invites the viewer to seek a dialogue.

It encourages an imaginary journey to forgotten worlds.

I do all my stone carvings purely intuitively and I guess it is from my  subconscious, perhaps a deep memory that leads to my prehistoric, primitive style. Stone carving helps me on my spiritual journey to express this inner voice.

"Her work can be seen almost somewhat of primitive, yet it compromises a stillness that gives all of the sculptures a quiet powerful dignity. Cordes` work can be seen as bringing the essence of prehistoric artefacts into 21st century"

Geoffrey Ridgen

I have learnt the technique of stone carving at the Academia in the Carrara mountains in Italy. Stone carving has been my passion for the last 20 years. I showed my work in numerous international exhibitions and I taught stone carving at the Cyprus College of Art, in the south of France and  in Germany. 

Now I work and travel on a narrowboat in England. Being on the beautiful River Nene is a wonderful place to truly enjoy every moment. Stone carving on the boat whilst watching the water and the wildlife is like meditation and an inspirational source for my new work.

Presented by the world's leading online art gallery Saatchi Art, I also exhibit my work locally and internationally. (Please check my event and shop page)